Life is like a Hurricane,
here in Duckburg!
Race Cars, lasers, aeroplanes,
It’s a Duck Blur!

Might solve a mystery
Or rewrite His’try!

Every kid growing up in the late 80’s all knew the theme song, or at the very least, “Ducktales! WOO HOO!” Our afternoons belonged to the Disney Afternoon, watching Mrs. Beakley take care of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, as well as her granddaughter Webbigail, as they got dragged on adventures with Uncle Scrooge and his pilot, Launchpad McQuack.

If you ever wanted to go up against the Beagle Boys, or Magica DeSpell, play with Gyro Gearloose’s newest inventions, or hang out with Bubba Duck and Gizmoduck, this was the show for you! Come listen this week as we discuss one of our favorite shows, Ducktales, on Talkin’ Bout My Generation!


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