The Legend of Zelda – A Link To The Past

This is it. There have been other Zelda games before and after this one, but this is the one that most people consider the definitive, the best version.

A Link To The Past, traveling back and forth between two worlds, and showing a younger, boyish Link than what we had in the NES versions, we got some great weapons and tools to explore and find spots around Hyrule and Dark Hyrule as we battled first Aghanim, and then later, Ganon, the evil behind Aghanim.

This play between worlds was so popular, Nintendo even returned to it with the 3DS game, A Link Between Worlds, which proved to be a nice homage to what everyone considered the defining Zelda game. Listen in as we discuss our favorite Zelda game so far, The Legend of Zelda – A Link To The Past!


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